About Us

We are a small family operation working toward wellness and sustainability through essential oils and hemp products . Our families core beliefs lie in that we are all connected, what we put in and on our bodies should be organic and pure as possible to enable a strong and sound mind, body and spirt connection.

Enjoying natureFamilyOne at peace

We started this company with the love of nature, in flowers, herbs, hemp and just getting our hands in the dirt to create and cultivate.  That is what Well Fed Wolf represents the feeding of the right thoughts, right wellness applications and the creation of a company who can pass on the same to our community. 

I've been using herbs, flowers, plants and vegetables to create many tinctures, salves, lotions and alternative remedies for my family for years. We want to share our knowledge on alternative forms of wellness and remedies with other like minded individuals. We are partnering with vendors and companies that share these same passions and ways of approaching the world. We use these items for our wellness and will continue to grow and share the knowledge and products through our blog posts, and newsletters for you. We will continue to bring products to all who seek a more connected path to nature and remedies for alternative wellness.

If we can help one person to find a product to bring them peace, serenity and empowerment than we have contributed to a promising future for our community.

 We are so honored that you have allowed us to be a part of your wellness


Please contact us with any questions at :info@wellfedwolfllc.com