What makes Pink Panther stand out from the crowd

CBD Pink Panther  hemp flower
Bred by High Alpine Genetics (Cats Meow x Alpen Gleaux)(pronounced like "glow").
This strain has a great flavor profile, color, and yield. This is one of the best strains on the market currently. Competing with genetics/strains that have been a staple in the hemp market for years now.
Pink Panther CBD Hemp strain
"Alpen Gleaux has those dominant purple phenotypes." While "Cats Meow is what gives it such a robust flavor & terpene profile."
F1 (first gen) will harvest 3-4 weeks earlier than an average hemp grow. The reason being that this strain is a hybrid of the F1 phenotype heterosis (or hybrid vigor).
Heterosis is a process in which cross fertilization is utilized between two parent plants. This is typically to improve the yield of the crop amongst many other benefits.
People often think the term hybrid deals with effects but that's not always the case with F1 hybrid w/ heterosis. The family is not the same species of hybrid in the way the crop is bred & grown.
Another thing that makes this Pink Panther stand out is that it has been hand trimmed. In the cannabis industry most want a machine trim. This is a game between not going too dense with the buds but also not dense enough. Which is why Pink Panther is hand trimmed!
The terpenes that are produced from these genetics are quite unique. Extremely flavorful with a mouth watering aroma. It's very high in terpinolene, pinene, ocimene, Myrcene, and caryophyllene.
You'll smell somewhat of a woodsy/passion fruit fragrance just by being in the room with this strain. These flavors & aromas are produced from the pinene, & ocimene in the flower itself. (T. Swanson, phone interview, November 28th, 2021)
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