Why CBDV, is a revolutionary cannabinoid:

Why CBDV, is a revolutionary cannabinoid:


We're all probably pretty familiar with both CBD & THC, but what about CBDV?


Today we're discussing something in the hemp world that doesn't get enough attention in my opinion, CBDV or Cannabidavarin, & all its benefits.


In short, Cannabidivarin (CBDV), like THC/CBD, is a natural Phyto cannabinoid. It is found more commonly in Indica Strains within the Cannabis plant. Specifically landrace (sourced from countries like Asia & Africa) Indica's, particularly those that are lower in THC potency.


So how does Cannabidivarin (CBDV) work?


Simply put, the effects of CBDV are similar to cannabidiol (CBD). Like CBD, Cannabidivarin does not affect thinking.


Early research from GW Pharmaceuticals (a pharmaceutical company known for creating the first FDA approved cannabis derrived drug, Epidolex (for treating seizures)) suggests that Cannabidivarin might make certain nerve cells less active.




These same Pharmaceutical workers & lab testers that turned CBD into the first FDA approved drug, is now actively trying to develop a CBDV based drug known (for now) only as GPW42006. After seeing CBDVs natural benefits, they plan to use CBDV to help treat epilepsy & other forms of seizures.


Similar to how we previously discussed the research of capsaicin (active ingredient in chili peppers) & the use of it in lab testing of the usefulness of certain Cannabinoids (such as CBGs ability to block the pain inhibited by capsaicin), researchers are similarly testing the affects CBDV has on the neurochemical pathway of the capsaicin receptors. These receptors are involved in both the onset as well as the progression of several types of epilepsy.




GW reports that CBDV has shown anti-epileptic results “across a range of in vitro and in vivo models of epilepsy.”

Nature , truly amazing, yet more reasons to live a life more aligned with it. 





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