What to know about Greenhouse/Hydroponic grows

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Greenhouse growing is a method that has been used in growing produce & botanicals for years. The idea is essentially a building/shed that harbors a micro environment (in soil) with translucent walls to allow for sunlight to peak.
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Once farmers & gardeners alike realized the benefits of controlling the crops environment in a more fine-tuned manor, many switched to greenhouse grows themselves as opposes to sun-grown or "outdoor".
How could growing cannabis get any easier?
Hydroponic growing instead of being grown in an environment made of soil, hydroponic solutions are made of nutrients that are compacted into a much smaller growing area, utilizing only water (& light). No fertilizers or pesticides are needed.
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Farmers essentially expanded on the greenhouse growing method. By eliminating the need for a greenhouse, there are several benefits to a grow.
First being an even higher yield. Being indoors, hydroponic grows allow for even more control over airflow & temperature. Meaning an even higher yield. You'll also use significantly less water seeing as you'll be using much less surface area. Less surface area also means more room for more crops! With the added benefit of being indoors you also no longer need to worry about pests as often, & crop cycle times have been cut in half.
At the end of the day, both of these methods of horticulture are extremely efficient. They both produce quality cannabis with nearly identical means of providing wellness for a patient/consumer (depending on the strain/user).
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