• Hemp Seed Oil in skin care products

    *Moisturizing ,leaves skin soft and supple from the emollient properties. With all the hand washing going on lately, we need to have products less harsh and restorative to our skin. Hemp seed oil is an extremely effective moisturizer without clogging pores, extremely beneficial for acne prone skin. 
  • Stress Relief

    Well Fed Wolf and holistic healing , through various modalities and methods.
    Always check with your physician , this information is not meant to cure ,treat or diagnose any disease, medical condition or the like.
  • Essential Oil Skeptic????

     Essential Oils are amazing in aromatherapy and I use them in that manner in my candles , and diffusers daily.....however the benefits, to us on a level of healing, and living a life that is more sustainable and actually less harmful to our bodies and environment , warrants the discussion outside of the norm.
  • Rosemary Essential Oil of the Month Continuation

    This is why you will find Rosemary in candles, diffuser blends, aromatherapy oils and more. This makes it easier for those who may need that uplift or decrease to utilize this amazing oil in an easy and beneficial manner. 


  • Rosemary Februarys Essential Oil of the Month

    This terpene scented & enriched shrub, I'm of course talking about Rosemary (which is 20% off this month of February).
    Rosemary contains several terpenes that not only build a strong & distinctive aromatic scent. But these terpenes & their properties add to this shrubs vast holistic remedies.
  • Grapefruit Essential Oil , the amazement continues.......

    Our essential oil of the month has so much to offer as we've been sharing for the month of January
    Here are yet other benefits : grapefruit oil is used to fight throat and respiratory infections , fatigue, muscle aches and as a natural remedy for arthritis.
  • Essential Oil of the Month GRAPEFRUIT

    Grapefruit oil is naturally high in antioxidants and phytochemicals these reduce oxidative stress and disease causing inflammation. One of the main beneficial constituent is Limonene it makes up about 88% of 95% of the oil ( see Well Fed Wolf's previous post and blog on Limonene
  • Essential Oils for Stress Relief

    The Holidays are wonderfully, amazingly one of the most stress inducing times of the year. I love the Holidays, don't get me wrong, no Bah Humbug here.....that doesn't however preclude the reality, that the Holidays are stressful . 
  • Mental Health Matters

    We have had some hard things thrown our way , everyone experiences hardships and hard times, but sometimes its traumatic and more than just a hardship. We, experienced something traumatic . This is not about oh pity me, this is empowerment, education and community reach . 
  • Balance

    I have always used essential oils whether it may be to calm my mind through scents of a candle or a compilation of oils in a diffuser, there is something about different scents that invigorate, calm, soothe, or evoke memories. 
  • Lifter and Lemon Balm have high terpene levels of Limonene

    Limonene is a naturally occurring compound in many plants and organisms. Commonly and naturally found in citrus peels and other fruits. However more notably found in cannabis plants and also herbs such as lemon balm.
  • Wellness Ways

    Not going to lie , I think my neighbor was getting worried as I eyed her white pine tree ( lots of medicinal properties there ). Pine needles have high levels of vitamin C (pine needle tea , amazing) ,the sap has strong antibacterial