Rosemary Februarys Essential Oil of the Month

It's February already and on to a new Essential Oil of the month, Rosemary. Its so hard to say I have a favorite oil ,there are definitely ones I use more than others. Whether the oil is for aromatherapy, diffuser blends, rollerball applications , candle making ,tinctures , teas, I could go on and on Rosemary is definitely one I use for all of the above and more, Rosemary is one of my favorites, its benefits are well documented. 

This terpene scented & enriched shrub, I'm of course talking about Rosemary (which is 20% off this month of February).
Rosemary contains several terpenes that not only build a strong & distinctive aromatic scent. But these terpenes & their properties add to this shrubs vast holistic remedies.
I grow Rosemary all year long outside for most of the summer to early fall , then bring it inside to be able to see and smell this heavenly herb. Below are some of the amazing terpenes and their benefits.
Rosemary contains the following terpenes:
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti-septic
- Expectorant
- Nervous system stimulant
- Mood stimulant
- Detoxifying properties
- Natural Sedative
- Anti-anxiety
- Analgesic
(Honorable Mentions):
- Camphor (cough
- 1,8-Cineol (Anti-bacterial)
- Camphene (Anti-oxidant )
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 As we start a new week and a new month I thought a diffuser blend for improving memory and mental awareness would be a nice start .
Diffuser Blend to get the days going :
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