Not a Percocet, its Cannabis (CBG)

Not a Percocet, its Cannabis (CBG) 



There are between 80- 100 natural Phyto cannabinoids that we currently know of (things like THC, CBD, CBG, etc).



Each of these Phyto cannabinoids have properties that can be life changing for many with conditions such as terminal illness which include but are not limited to: Post traumatic Stress, Seizures, Chronic Pain, & so much more.



Many of us may have dealt with the vast annoyances of these physical & mental health conditions. If you struggle with any of the following listed (specifically chronic pain), have you ever considered hemp/cannabis as an alternative to prescriptions or supplements?



Cannabigerol (CBG), otherwise known as the precursor of both CBD and THC, which modulates cannabinoid receptor subtype 2 (CB2). CBG has more potent analgesic, muscle relaxant, anti-erythema and lipoxygenase blocking activity than THC!



For those of us who wish to learn more, I'd like to review a study with you guys on the a few common & natural cannabis Phyto cannabinoids, CBG, CBD, & THC.



The ability of THC as well as, the non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabigerol (CBG) have been tested & both applied by themselves & in combination, to block responses in pain-sensing neurons. This was done in order to determine the most effective concentrations for relief.






These Phyto cannabinoids & their effects were tested in cultured sensory neurons, which are nerve cells grown in a tissue culture dish in a laboratory, these were then introduced to painful stimuli such as capsaicin (the hot ingredient of chili peppers).



The results of these tests were promising, it was found that CBG, CBD and THC when applied individually had the ability to block capsaicin (ingredient in chili peppers) responses within the sensory neurons!






Interestingly, THC+CBD+CBG combined in a 1:1:1 blend had more of a potent  effect than these compounds when distributed alone. When blending the combination of CBG & CBD, these compounds had made THC more effective at a lower potency.






Uma Anand, Christian Oldfield, and Mikael H Sodergren,, "Dose-Related Inhibition of Capsaicin Responses by Cannabinoids CBG, CBD, THC and their Combination in Cultured Sensory Neurons", Accessed July 25th, 2022



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