Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters!

Why did we create this company, its more than just the passion with herbs, essential oils and CBD Hemp products . 

We have had some hard things thrown our way , everyone experiences hardships and hard times, but sometimes its traumatic and more than just a hardship. We, experienced something traumatic . This is not about oh pity me, this is empowerment, education and community reach . 

Why do we have such a hard time talking about mental health ? If the last year and half has taught us anything, it is that mental health troubles are real and we need to stop stigmatizing it. 

I have used essential oils for many a cold, aches and pains, bug bites and so much more. It truly is a passion and I can attest to many of their benefits. Now, I use them more for aiding my sons to sleep due to anxiety . Creating tinctures from Lemon Balm to aid in stressful moments, anxiety and ease tension in my youngest . 

My other son was diagnosed with a plethora of mental health issues and has been prescribed numerous medications, some that make him have absolutely no feelings at all other then being smothered and unable to express emotions. We were lucky his psychiatrist believes in the studies and research surrounding Cannabis. It is probably why he is still here to this day. 

So why write this blog, because we created this business out of the want to help others not feel lost in a system that just pushes one thing or another . To put out into the world alternatives for wellness that people can afford, and feel connected to. To have my children see they can do what ever they put their minds to, even when you feel lost, alone and beaten that there is always light ,learning and passion to drive you ever moving forward. 

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I've witnessed first hand the positive effects from CBD and essential oils. These are our personal experiences and I can only attest to those that have worked for us. Do you research , check with your doctor when ever you entertain any kind of treatment for you or your loved ones . But know this , you are not alone and Mental Health Matters!