Mental Health Awareness Month

What an amazing start to the month ! Laughter truly is good medicine ! Not always attainable when you have heaviness from mental health diagnosis's.
Our family is no stranger to mental health conditions and I don't shy away from discussing it.
May is the month of awareness on an issue felt world wide . Our mental well being is fragile and resilient all at the same time.
I've witnessed both my boys deal with issues that can break grown people. More patience and understanding along with education and ending stigma on mental health is so important.
That's why we are so passionate about alternative way's of healing and remedies for that healing.
It is okay to ask for and need help! Therapy , meditation , herbal remedies , medications , etc, many ways to aid one with mental health issues. Patience with yourself and your loved ones or anyone who suffers with mental health is so important. It is not an easy path and NO ONE would choose it.
Anxiety, Depression and PTSD , they look differently and have similarities for each individual in our household, as they do for everyone else in the world .
We each work through in very different ways and with therapist and doctors guidance and our own personal way of approaching these real conditions get closer each moment to soothing our minds, healing neuro pathways and find ways to manage some that may never go away.
Do not get me wrong, there are days it is a shit storm here ! The same as I am sure for most of everyone touched by mental health . This is where coping tools and realizations our brains need more help than just talking our selves out of a dark place. Or " you choose to feel this way , just get up and you'll feel better" Bull shit ..... AWARENESS ..... mental health matters and it is a storm that rolls through and goes away and then comes back sometimes quieter and other times like a tsunami volcanic freight train that has derailed the sweetest of souls!
If you need help , IT IS OK and you are not broken , just bent to quote Pink . Broken and Bent CAN be mended and sometimes a bit stronger !
Awareness is the first step in any way of growth . Empathy , love and Laughter !
Mental Health Matters , YOU MATTER!