Lifter and Lemon Balm have high terpene levels of Limonene

Lifter CBD Hemp Flower contains this amazing terpene as well as many of our essential oils: Limonene is a naturally occurring compound in many plants and organisms. Commonly and naturally found in citrus peels and other fruits. However more notably found in cannabis plants and also herbs such as lemon balm.

Studies have shown that Limonene can have antimicrobial ,anti-fungal and antitumoral properties(Eddin, et al.).

For years Limonene has been used to flavor foods, as well as used in specific fragrances.

Lemon essential oil
Lemongrass essential oil


Now Limonene (commonly (R)-Limonene) is more popularly known for its properties in cannabis and other herbs.

Many reports Limonene can increase or uplift mood ,relieve levels of anxiety, and much more(Eddin, et al.).

A great example of Limonene in cannabis would be in our hemp strain Lifter. When a consumers thinks of a strain with Limonene, Lifter is often one of the first that comes to mind.

Lifter CBD Hemp flower


The uses of nature through herbs and plant terpenes cross over into essential oils, cannabis, and the practice of aromatherapy. Limonene is one of our favorites , what's yours?

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