Grapefruit Essential Oil , the amazement continues.......

Essential oil of the month GRAPEFRUIT-
Benefits of the essential oil GRAPEFRUIT are vast and we will explore a few of them over the next few weeks!
Lets start with its ability to help reduce stress. Grapefruit has an uplifting, focusing & calming scent.
It is known to relieve stress and induce relaxation as well as encourage peace.
There is research that suggests inhalation of grapefruit oil or use in aromatherapy can help ignite the relaxation response within your brain. All the while naturally lowering your blood pressure (Haze, et al ., 2002).
Our essential oil of the month has so much to offer as we've been sharing for the month of January
Here are yet other benefits : grapefruit oil is used to fight throat and respiratory infections , fatigue, muscle aches and as a natural remedy for arthritis.
It has amazing antimicrobial effects and research has shown grapefruit oil can fight bacterial strains such as E. Coli. and Salmonella. A great staple to have in the house for proven scientific research (Heggers, et al. 2002).
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