Creating your own wellness Part 2 : Seed Stratification

In continuation on creating your own wellness products , it is a love of mine to grow, harvest and use products grown for my family and our business. For those of you who share this passion read on and I hope you enjoy. 

Growing your plants from seeds can be as easy as throwing your seeds in the dirt and walking away ,( well kind of) other seeds need a little help and the recreation of the natural growing process they would experience if left outside . Enter seed stratification. 

Now you don't have to start seeds outside but some seeds need Stratification . Stratification is the process of pre-treating seeds, this stimulates natural conditions that seeds would experience outside in the soil over winter. This process helps the seeds to "break dormancy " and begin the germination process.  

In this next excerpt, I am going into greater detail on the different seed stratification processes. I enjoy sharing and hope all enjoy the information, happy growing!!! Lets start with Dry Stratification & Moist Stratification.

So when do you utilize stratification? You are going to use the stratification process when your seeds are grown indoors ( greenhouse, windowsill, indoor grow systems, etc. or any way or scheduling that is not in the plants natural germination cycle). 


Dry Stratification is pre-treating your seed, in which its natural germination process requires cold temperatures . Usually 32 degrees F or lower , for 30 days or longer. This is one of the easiest stratification processes  & keeping the seed in a cold, dry storage location aids in the increase of the germination rate by imitating the natural winter dormancy period.

You can dry stratify your seeds in this way by storing your seeds in a Ziploc bag in your refrigerator, on in a secure container (rodent proof) in an unheated building (i.e.. garage, shed as examples) over the winter anywhere from 30 to 120 days (this will depend on the species your growing) to break seed dormancy.  I collect my seeds form my existing plants every season (aiding in the proliferation of the growing season and providing seeds to start the next years grow) in paper envelopes and then place in containers to dry out in the "garden area" of my garage . I start the seeds each year inside, also direct sowing  as well, you can never have too many plants, herbs or flowers in my opinion. Some of the best gifts I've received have been seeds, starting's and transplants from other gardeners.


Many seeds germinate best in fall, in a dormant seeding in their natural cycle. The exposure to cold and damp conditions through out winter is nature's " moist stratification". This signals the germination cycle to the seed when the soil begins to warm up in spring. For seeds that need moist stratification, this process mimics that cycle.

Here are a few ways to process moist stratification:

      * Mix seed in a moistened inert material ( vermiculite, peat moss, fresh saw   dust , or similar type material). Then store cold for 10 to 90 days(depends on your seed/plant). 

      * If planting the seed outside in fall (direct seed sowing ) this achieves the same result as Moist Stratifying and will NOT need to go through the process. 

      * Moist stratification seed in a plastic bag or container: mix the seed with an equal volume of moist (not wet, if you can squeeze water out of substrate it's too wet) sawdust/builder's sand . Refrigerate at 34-38 degrees F ( DO NOT FEEEZE). Most flower seeds require 3-4 weeks of moist stratification, others a few days and some two to three months. Always do your research on the germination process for your seeds & if unsure check with your local nursery).

      When the seeds have gone through the stratification process you can sew into pots , flats or if past the freeze in your area , direct seed into prepared soil( more to come on this step). 

Coming in the next blog , a few more stratification processes and then more in depth on grow cycle , transplanting and general grow tips. 

Enjoy the empowering process of growing and creating your own wellness that is kind to you and our environment!  Relax, Release, & Recoup!


* This blog is based off my personal growing experiences and in no way speculates this is the only way of growing plants , herbs ,flowers etc... Always do your own research and in growing everything is trial and error. I have had many an error and have learned along the way , it is part of the beauty of gardening and plant propagation. Enjoy, Relax, Release and Recoup!