Creating your own wellness Part 1

Wellness is at our fingertips, if you want to take the time to create your own its an empowering and satisfying experience. Come with me on how and my journey in growing and creating wellness products. 

You can create your own wellness growing your own medicinal herbs, flowers and plants or you can order from amazing companies that have organic and eco friendly ingredients as well to speed up the process.

It really is a personal preference and if you are one who enjoys these kinds of product but don't have the time to make them , we are here for you, as well as other amazing companies with like minded intentions. 

Creating our own wellness products is a passion, the joy and satisfaction of paying it forward to loved ones , friends and others is a rewarding experience. 

There is a connection to the earth that comes full circle in the process of creating your own wellness . Getting your hands in the dirt and watching a plant grow is rewarding in its self, let alone the creation of a product that brings wellness with out hurting the planet or others. Not to mention the self supporting aspect of having items at your fingertips that aid in wellness for you and yours.

So if you have that fire in the belly to be a creator , how do you begin? Do you have enough space, ...even in an small space you can grow plants in pots , grow bags , cartons etc.... be creative and of course do your research on the plants your wanting to grow. Successful growing is very much tied to environment, correct and enough light for the plant , soil requirements; for the specific plant, exposure to animals, birds , insects, etc... find enjoyment in the challenges in environment ( they will occur) . Part of the enjoyment in the growing experience is overcoming the challenges that occur in the growth cycle. 

Growing is a practice in patience and therapeutic ( I receive very satisfying therapy in pruning and picking weeds , its an on going joke from those that visit ,when I 'm outside I always have pruning's and weeds in my hands ).

Essential Oils, Hemp ,Diffusers , Oh my

So in starting your grow consider ,are you going to start from seeds, cuttings from existing plants, purchase plants from a nursery, or transplant from fall or spring, etc... So many ways and all are good ,its based on your preference, experience and comfort level.  

I have done all of the above , but my preference and joy is in seed starting plants. There is something rewarding watching the entire cycle from seed to seed. Plus this means I get to start in winter and my plant addiction process is fully satisfied even in the cold of winter with snow . Yes, I have started seeds outside in the snow in protective vessels ( even milk jugs , some of my best plants grew in this environment and ready to transplant in spring ) . 

Now you don't have to start seeds outside but some seeds need Stratification . Stratification is the process of pre-treating seeds , this stimulates natural conditions that seeds would experience outside in the soil over winter. This process helps the seeds to "break dormancy " and begin the germination process.  

In my next blog ,I will go into greater detail on the different seed stratification processes. I enjoy sharing and hope all enjoy the information, happy growing!!! 


* This blog is based off my personal growing experiences and in no way speculates this is the only way of growing plants , herbs ,flowers etc... Always do your own research and in growing everything is trial and error. I have had many an error and have learned along the way , it is part of the beauty of gardening and plant propagation. Enjoy, Relax, Release and Recoup!