CBD Ways, Safely Use Guide Part 2

To continue our discussion on ways to use CBD still remember:

One of the first things to know is each person is different and how a product and dosage will work best for one person may work differently for another. Be patient and as with anything you try for the first time you may have to adjust the product type and dosage that works best for your personal experience .

There are three more well known ways of using CBD products and we will explore and break these in specific details throughout our time together. 

Ways to try CBD :




In part one on ways to safely use CBD products we left off with Oral as a way and specifically edibles. See part one if you want or you need to go back on usage of edibles . 

In this continuation we will talk on using CBD Sublingual products. Sublingual which actually means "under the tongue" are products for the most part oils. Here we are discussing products such as tinctures or CBD oils that you will place, 2-3 drops under the tongue directly. You will want to let the product dissolve in your mouth verses swallowing it. In doing so you are allowing the product to enter the bloodstream much faster and therefore reaping the benefits of the product more efficiently.

 Again with any CBD product ,Start low. Go slow. 

In an example of a Sublingual CBD product our Tinctures have this direction for the correct dosing to start off with. 

1 dropper = 1 serving. Take one to two times daily, or as needed. As an alternative method, place the oil under your tongue around 60 seconds before swallowing. You could even add a serving to your favorite entre/beverage if desired. 

Tinctures don't have to be just taken sublingually either, they can be added to your favorite drink or food dish. I personally add mine to my teas to enjoy from both the experience and benefits of both herbal and CBD properties that remedy the struggles that may have occurred in the day. 

 Our next excerpt on ways to take CBD will be on creams, lotions and salve products, stay in touch to continue to learn more on this amazing product . 

FDA: All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

* Please note that due to FDA regulations we are not allowed to claim that CBD products can have any beneficial or medical effects. We are only reporting what consumers have reported to us. 


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