Care for the puppers

CBD for our pets: Did you know that dogs just like us have an Endocannabinoid System? This system that runs throughout the body is actually found in most animals. The endocannabinoid system was discovered in the mid 1990's and with the surge of interest in CBD research continues its advancements. 

Interestingly enough the phytochemicals produced in large quantities by the Cannabis sativa L plant and in smaller amounts by other plants, can interact with this system as ligands (any molecule or atom which binds reversibly to a protein). These plant based cannabinoids are called Phyto-cannabinoids. Currently the exact determination of the distribution of cannabinoid receptors is an on going project , with the most interest outside of humans receiving the most research.   (Silver, 2019).

So for your pup, what does this mean? This means they can process and have resulting benefits from use of CBD Hemp products the same as we can. Their lives can be enriched and process through their system (Always check with your veterinarian before introducing anything new to your pet).

When we started Well Fed Wolf, this was one of the items I had to have in our company. I wanted a product for our dog who is 15 years old (thinks he's still two) and has arthritis creeping in his back legs. I have been a massage therapist and have worked on his legs but it isn't always enough. As he's gotten older we have tried other products and they make him sick to his stomach. We hate to see him struggle and any relief we can give him is worth it. 

Our pets are like our family and we are always looking for ways to take care of them. Healthy and happy animals as well as people is what we all strive for right! 



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