Cannabis Research the Unicorn in the room

Cannabis and the Lack of  Research In the Cannabis World

 With the lack of cannabis research many patients & hemp users often have a hard time finding a strain/consumption method that works best for them. Many in the community call this common struggle "strain hunting". The difficulty finding these strains can partially be attributed to the fact that cannabis is still federally illegal to this day in December, 2021 & now beginning to enter 2022. Many people have & continue to open the door to the cannabis world, but many still haven't a clue where to begin.

 There is of course an explanation for this. A big factor being that there isn't nearly as much info on how to consume cannabis. Or as many resources to learn about the plants medical benefits. Now compare this to many well known pharmaceuticals.

  For instance, we have Suboxone for opioid patients trying to recover/quit opioids. We have Narcan for opioid users/patients that overdose. Not only are these available, but your doctor also has actual real analytics for these drugs & can tell you how to dose/use them. You know why they have this info? These substances (like OxyContin, Xanax, Adderall, etc). actually ARE federally legal, therefore there is no hang-up/delay on medical research for them.

 Now with cannabis these exact same psychiatrists & doctors that prescribe OxyContin & Xanax are the same doctors asking me, yes me, a MMJ (medical marijuana) patient (let that sink in) about the effects of cannabis & how to use it best. These doctors can't even tell me how to accurately take  my medication. Most don't know the difference between Indica/Sativa dominant plants let alone what terpenes are... I'm generalizing here but this has been my overall experience with these ( my personal ) psychiatrists & doctors.

 Now that's not to say these substances such as opioids & benzos can't change lives. Some of these pharmaceuticals are amazing scientific advancements. I think Narcan especially is literally a lifesaver & that everyone (even non-opioids/opiate users) should have it on their person. But this doesn't change the fact that cannabis research has been left in the dark in comparison.

 Another hefty reason that many have a hard time "strain hunting" is due to the fact that each of our bodies react differently to cannabis. For example, many consumers will try the exact same strain, consuming the exact same dose, using the same consumption method, but can experience entirely different effects/results.

 This is why it's so important to research further , including ourselves with regards to cannabis. It's up to us, the community, to help one another until this plant gets the attention it rightfully deserves! We change the stigma with the education of one person at a time. Let your voices be heard , vote, talk to your representatives, ask questions to your doctors, a ripple always occurs with one stone, you/we can make a difference. 




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