Essential Oils use in balance :

Balance , a concept I talk with my sons about almost every day and in every aspect of life. Some days I feel very much in balance , others I am grasping at what ever I can to ground myself. 

I have always used essential oils whether it may be to calm my mind through scents of a candle or a compilation of oils in a diffuser, there is something about different scents that invigorate, calm, soothe, or evoke memories. 

I started to make my own mixtures for my sons to calm and help lessen anxious moments. To aid in sleeplessness nights, Vetiver is just one I use in both blends amongst various others. 

I want to share some of the blends and hope you find some that help you, loved ones or a friend. This one is specifically for stressful moments,..... time of year appropriate .

This can be used in a diffuser, rollerball applicator, or tincture bottle. If using any of the bottles place your drops in the bottles and then fill with your favorite carrier oil ,I prefer fractionated coconut oil .

Lavender - 6-8 Drops 

Cedarwood- 6-8 Drops

Lemon - 3 Drops

Bergamot- 3 Drops

Rosemary -3-4 Drops

Orange- 2-3 Drops

Peppermint -1-Drop

I hope this brings some calm and balance , if only for a moment. Take a breath slow down and find those moments to stay grounded. Feed the right wolf.


Diffuser and essential oils