Suver Haze

Suver Haze CBD hemp Flower
Upon opening the my jar I first notice many tightly dense buds covered in frosted trichomes.
This strains aroma reminds me of a ripe & fresh orange peel. Upon grinding the flower the aroma bursts into a flavorful berry-like smell that you can almost taste in the air.
 Suver Haze
I load my vape with a scoop of the Suver Haze & begin for my vape to warm to my desired consumption temperature.
Starting at 362°F I take my first draw & inhale. Suver Haze
Upon exhale I'm treated with a delicious terpene profile & almost instantly  racing thoughts dissipate. I can now appreciate my surroundings, which is comforting.
The vapor is quite milky & soft. The flavor sweet & enticing leaving myself wanting more after each draw during this session.
After the session I sat outside with our dog Harry & listened to the birds sing while I had lunch, then went back inside for a second dose & went back to work!
Suver Haze shines brightest for me. (Keep in mind that everyone has different reactions to consumables. Research is crucial before taking someone else's word when buying a product).
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