A brief chat CB1 & CB2 receptors & the endocannabinoid system

A brief chat  CB1 & CB2 receptors & the endocannabinoid  system 

What up ya'll I have some info for you guys today about our endocannabinoid system & the different receptors that make it function on our biology & minds

Starting with the CB1 receptor, it is found in the nervous system & is involved in several (pathos)physiological processes in humans. It's been thought to be a good therapeutic target in humans 

The primary binding site of a CB1 receptor has been used to treat things such as PTSD & glaucoma in the last two decades 

CB1 antagonists/reverse agonists have also been used to treat things such as obesity, nicotine addiction, & metabolic syndrome, however there were adverse effects & they were prompted to use alternative methods through pharmacology 

Moving onto the CB2 receptor  it has been described as the peripheral or outer layer for cannabinoids. It is found in immune cells or tissue. It seems to show a promising use for helping to treat inflammatory conditions!

There have been studies done on mice specifically due to the fact they lack a CB2 receptor which causes severe issues later in life such as low bone mass . Since these particular mice have this strange CB2 deficiency they've become extremely useful for studying cannabinoids 

It's thought the CB2 receptor could be the key to treat inflammatory disease 

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