• Creating your own Wellness Part 5

     The hardening process usually is around a couple of weeks for me, during this process is the time to prep your transplants new garden home ( garden plot, bed or new pot). Preparing your garden/ flower bed area comprises pulling weeds and any debris, tilling the soil and adding any organic amendments ( I highly recommend composting , even in the smallest of areas you can compost and add vital nutrients to aid in the health and growth of your transplants). I find this part extremely relaxing and a great stress reliever, but that's me. 
  • Creating your own wellness: Part 4

    First thing with seedlings is to wait to transplant until it has formed a pair of secondary or true leaves. True leaves are hardier than the first leaves that sprout, also an indicator that the seedling is in an established growth cycle. 

    THCa is the acidic form of THC. As the cannabis plant grows, its cannabinoids & terpenes develop over time. CBGa, the first of all cannabinoids to occur (also known as the mother of all cannabinoids) & this breaks down in order to produce other core cannabinoids such as THCa & CBDa.


  • Creating your own wellness Part 3 : Seed Stratification Continued

    Prepping the seeds, starting that first step of gardening for the new season is so rewarding and always an exciting time of planning for new life, new herbal and medicinal stock replenishing yet to come. 
  • Creating your own wellness Part 2 : Seed Stratification

    Growing your plants from seeds can be as easy as throwing your seeds in the dirt and walking away ,( well kind of) other seeds need a little help and the recreation of the natural growing process they would experience if left outside . Enter seed stratification. 
  • Creating your own wellness Part 1

    Growing is a practice in patience and therapeutic ( I receive very satisfying therapy in pruning and picking weeds , it is an on going joke from those that visit ,when I 'm outside I always have pruning's and weeds in my hands ).
  • Why CBDV, is a revolutionary cannabinoid:

    In short, Cannabidivarin (CBDV), like THC/CBD, is a natural Phyto cannabinoid. It is found more commonly in Indica Strains within the Cannabis plant. Specifically landrace (sourced from countries like Asia & Africa) Indica's, particularly those that are lower in THC potency.
  • Endocannabinoid vs Exocannabinoid Article

    An Exocannabinoid is described in one of two forms; the first of the two are Phyto cannabinoids (meaning from the plant). Of you've ever consumed THC, CBD or the likes, you may already be familiar with these Phyto cannabinoids.
  • Not a Percocet, its Cannabis (CBG)

    Cannabigerol (CBG), otherwise known as the precursor of both CBD and THC, which modulates cannabinoid receptor subtype 2 (CB2). CBG has more potent analgesic, muscle relaxant, anti-erythema and lipoxygenase blocking activity than THC!
  • A brief chat CB1 & CB2 receptors & the endocannabinoid system

    The primary binding site of a CB1 receptor has been used to treat things such as PTSD & glaucoma in the last two decades 
  • Mental Health Awareness Month

    We each work through in very different ways and with therapist and doctors guidance and our own personal way of approaching these real conditions get closer each moment to soothing our minds, healing neuro pathways and find ways to manage some that may never go away.
  • Sage Stick tutorial

    -A smidge of information on smudging 🍃-
    In this home video, we share about why we enjoy using sage in our household. As well as the benefits that we personally get!