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Gift Sets

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Essential Oils for mood, olfactory senses and over all wellness

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Hand poured Soaps

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Body Wellness

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Body Wellness

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate the way you run
your business.  I made my first purchase on the 4th for your flash sale.

I got an amazing deal on some Bordeaux (such a great touch to throw in the
integras). The inclusion of so many freebies, the personal note, as well as the
presentation/shipping made this experience stand out. And I buy a lot of hemp 😉.

I didn't see a link to drop a review on your site but I want to add my voice to
your positive reviews. Got a link?

I spread the word on discord and guilded- you probably noticed a bunch of hits on
the website as well as your high thca stock disappearing in an instant. Hope
that was ok...

again for the awesome vendor experience. The care and love comes through on the
customer end for sure.

an amazing week and be well!!!!




The Lavender Lemongrass soap is amazing .It smells wonderful and leaves my skin soft . I plan on buying these for gifts for my sisters this holiday


I love the Away Begone oil Collection! The combination of frankincense , orange and peppermint are great together. I apply the rollerball to my wrist and neck and smell it all day .It really helps calm my mind . I think I'm going to get a diffuser too ! Love that I can refill the applicator multiple times!


I purchased the Hawaiian Haze flower Mylar bag.. The terpene profile upon inhalation is reminiscent of mangos, almost like a tropical cocktail. The aroma becomes more berry-like & pungent filling the room with it's aroma as I broke apart the flower buds.

I liked the light green hue the buds have and the fluffy ,frosted trichomes covering them. It has a good trim job and the oils in the flower make it quite sticky.

I feel very relaxed and I noticed relief in my back from raking the leaves the day before.

Very impressed and I will definitely purchase again !


I really like the banana mac rosin, the oil handles like a tacky shatter making it easy to scoop . It lives up to its name , best way to describe it is like banana laffy taffy or fresh sliced banana. Great lift to my mood and relaxing both my body and mind at the same time. A very balanced experience!